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Credititis® is a serious financial
condition currently plaguing
Americans in epidemic proportions.
Now there is a cure…


Proper financial planning and maintaining a superior credit score can save you tens of thousands of dollars in interest charges.

Let us help you now!

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Stage 1
  • You are spending more money than you make.
  • You are using your home equity line of credit to keep things afloat, hoping your financial situation will turn around later.
  • You've opened a new credit card because your other credit cards are near or at their limits.
  • You were denied credit because of reporting mistakes made by creditors or the credit bureaus.
  • You have too many accounts with balances.
  • Your interest rate on a credit card was recently raised.
  • Your home has decreased in value and you find you can't borrow against it any more.

Stage 2
  • You are "juggling" bills and can only pay by priority.
  • When your adjustable rate mortgage increases, things will even be more difficult for you to manage.
  • The interest you are paying on your credit cards are disabling you from getting out of debt.
  • You refinanced your home or took out a home equity line of credit (or second mortgage) and have found yourself back in debt again.
  • You feel you are in a financial rut and just can’t get out.
  • You were denied a shopping discount when you could not be approved to open a store card.
  • You were denied additional credit because your credit score was too low.
  • You were denied insurance because your credit score was too low.


Stage 3

    • You charged your utility bills or groceries to a credit card out of necessity.
    • You have had to borrow money from one credit card to pay the minimum payment on another card.
    • You transferred a credit card balance to a 0% card, but are carrying a balance on the card you had paid off again.
    • You have cashed in your 401k or retirement account to pay bills.
    • Your requirement minimum payment on a credit card has increased dramatically.
    • Your credit cards are at their limit or “maxed out”.
    • Your passed over for a promotion or turned down for a new job due to a new credit score.
    • Your credit card payments go mostly to cover the finance charges.

Stage 4
  • You are paying bills so late that you are incurring late fees in addition to the finance charges.
  • Your credit limit on a card was recently lowered because your credit was updated by the card’s issuer.
  • You avoid answering your phone because it could be one of your creditor calling about an overdue payment.
  • You do not have enough money to make the minimum monthly payment on your credit card bills.
  • You are receiving calls about late payments.
  • You are bouncing checks.
  • You wire funds or pay by overnight to avoid a 30 day late payment on your mortgage.
  • You have a tax bill you can’t pay.

Stage 5
  • The only charge card you can qualify for is a “secure card” or a debit card.
  • If your financial situation doesn’t turn around soon it could result in bankruptcy or foreclosure.
  • You are over your credit limits and are paying "over the limit fees" in addition to your minimum monthly payments.
  • A creditor has closed one of your credit cards.
  • You were sent a collection notice.
  • You took out a loan from next week's paycheck or collateralized a loan with the title of your car to make ends meet.
  • You are paying bills over 30 days late.
  • You have put your utilities in a friend or relative's name because you can't get them on your own.

Stage 6
  • Your bank has closed your checking account.
  • A bill collector has called you at work regarding an overdue payment.
  • Bill collectors are calling your employer, friends, and relatives in an attempt to locate you.
  • You changed your phone number because bill collectors were calling.
  • You needed a cosigner for a loan because you no longer qualified on your own.
  • You took out a double digit rate loan at a retail finance company.
  • You are paying your mortgage over 30 days late.
  • You have a warrant out for your arrest because of an unpaid bill or parking ticket.

Stage 7
  • You have an outstanding judgment.
  • You have a pending IRS lien or "seizure."
  • Your checking account is overdrawn.
  • Your bills are being managed by a Consumer Credit Counseling Service and you still can't meet the payments.
  • Your wages are being garnished because of an unpaid bill.
  • You can't open another checking account.
  • You received a subpoena to appear in court for an unpaid collection.
  • You haven't filed tax returns for years and don't know where to turn for help.

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